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Overactive is a  half hour comedy series from Kayleigh Shuler & Shayna Conde that centers on Bridget, a talented and endearing writer, who struggles with a life-crippling anxiety disorder and inner dialogue she can't seem to control.

Surprise - we're fundraising!

Having always been told by doctors, teachers and her parents that it was only her "overactive imagination", Bridget perpetuates her own illness by avoiding it.

If you'd like to support and see a story about mental health thoughtfully and creatively told on screen, we'd really appreciate your support in funding a short film version of Overactive to be shot this summer, 2021.

We see Bridget experience her anxiety in many ways, from untimely panic attacks to intrusive thoughts, rash decision making and procrastination. The show follows her (rough) journey to healing as she learns to grieve, confront her illness and trust a world that has so often hurt her.

@overactiveshortfilm on Instagram & Venmo